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Arise and Shine Christian poetry

Arise and Shine

November 24, 2022

Arise and shine

For you


Have come! 

To this planet 

To this season

To this region

To this moment in time



Yes you! 

Do you know how one of a kind 

Bold and strong 

Skilled and sensitive 

Totally incredible

You are 

To be here now?


Do you know how I see you?

How we celebrate you here?

How every moment of every day

Is a party for your victories

And how we grieve with you

When you are down?


Never doubt for a moment your courage.

Never think for a moment that you are alone.


From where we are

There is no distance between you and I.


I am a good good Father

A nurturing Mother

An amazing and wise Mentor

A never-defeated Savior.

And you 


Oh, you Gate 

Oh, you Door 

Oh you, my child 

Rise up 



In me. 

And rejoice! 



Celebrate with us 

Your beautiful becoming 


(c) 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh 

Photo by Sasin Tipchai (@sasint)




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