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The Traveler Series Book 1

D.W. Lights a Fire

A Young-at-Heart SciFi/Fantasy Inspirational Tale

Imagine what would happen if everything just STOPPED for a little less than three seconds. And I mean EVERYTHING. No breathing. No heartbeats. No horns blaring on the freeway. No wings of birds flapping in the Amazon or high rise carousel doors turning in New York City.

And what would happen if you were the only one around who didn’t?

The Traveler Series

More About Book One:

D.W. Lights a Fire

The main character for this first novel came to me in the dead of the night in Hillcrest, California in the fall of 1996. I was an undergraduate at UCSD and was pulling yet another “all-nighter.” I was writing an essay about the poems of Pat Mora (one of my fav poets) when all of the sudden, D.W. (short for Desert Woman) leaped onto the page and demanded to be heard. She had Wisdom to pass down in her traveling bag, along with a whole bunch of other goodies. She also had friends. As my fingers scrambled to keep up, she introduced me to Cheri, Phong, and eventually the entire De Gallo family. Others would come later. Some I would rather not have met, but then a story really wouldn’t be very exciting if there wasn’t at least one antagonist.

Needless to say, I got an A on that essay. I wouldn’t begin to turn that original 15-page story into a novel until two decades later, however. Since then, Book 1 of the Traveler Series has gone through many transmutations. It has followed me throughout my travels, from the snowy mesas of northern New Mexico to the cafes of Valencia, Spain. It has sat on a cyber shelf for more than a decade and has been the source of more than one personal awakening in my own life.

I really believe that something larger than myself is at work here. The entire Traveler series is a story that needs to be written. Throughout the whole process, I have felt more like a reader rather than a writer. I am honored to be called “secretary and transcriber” for a Divine force larger than me. My biggest challenge throughout it all has been to simply find the faith and trust to let go, step aside, and let the story be written! It is my sincere desire every single day to live up to that task!

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