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lion azlan Yeshua


February 20, 2023



He is mighty

He is powerful

We can ride on his back

Feel his fur

Lay our heads to rest

Feel the rhythm

Of his footsteps

Know that we are going

Into glory

Be free

And unencumbered

As He leads

The way.


Into uncharted territory

Into humanity’s destiny

Into the unknown


This is His world

This is His kingdom

Always has been

There is no Light

Of God

That cannot penetrate

The deepest darkness

His violent roar

His quiet hum

His steady beauty

His cosmic wings



Any devices of torture

Any harmful frequency

Any crevices or wounds

Where desperate evil slips in


There is no door

(Remember this my child!)

That cannot be opened

And cobwebs cleaned

And floor swept

And flowers placed

For the absolute perfection of YOU

And total abiding refreshment

Of the Kingdom

Of heaven.


© 2023, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: WenPhotos





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