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entryway poem Nikki Pugh


November 27, 2022

In the middle of the entryway

Of my home in heaven
There is an energy source
That gets to be cleaned

It is a swirling mass of grey fog
Sucking and sputtering
Worn out
Spinning on itself

Energy is energy
It can be used for the government of God
Or for choking, suppressing, enslaving

The energy source here is connected to creativity
To my creativity
To my core
To the core

In the face of it
In the entryway
With one hand, I hold His arm tight
With the other hand, we both reach out
And touch a segment of smoke

Our fingers soak in the ash

Then we transform it

To crystal
Rose colored
Effervescent, pearlescent

Heavenly colors
Which do not belong
To the English language
But which smell
Like ylang ylang
And cinnamon
And a flower garden
After a rainstorm

Colors that sound like
The tinkling of chimes
On a homeward bound


© 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh


Photo by kytalpa


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