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poem mountains

Entryway 2

November 28, 2022

 Entryway 2


 In the morning

Is a bright light

The core

My core

The source of Light within Light

Of all creativity


What holy thing do you want to create today?

With this Light

It is possible




The crown jewel in the middle of the entryway

In my home in heaven

Is like a plant

It must be tended

Cared for





As we work to massage and wipe and scrub and shine

Leviathan disappears in a puff

Chaos and confusion turn to clarity

As clear as the sparkling crystal before us


Gag order released and chains broken

I know whose household I belong to

I know the property created for me

In Jesus name


The lands and regions and mountains

The valleys and lakes

The bays and swaths of ocean

The gardens and staircases

That ascend up to

The Courts of Heaven


The flower fields

And the vistas and views

The space above

The firmament

Far and wide


Who are all these ones

Who tend the fields?

They are those

Who have kept up my household

While I have been away.


© 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by Christel


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