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A Soldier’s Diary #2: Mettles

June 15, 2023

Holy spirit I receive you as my comforter and my shield.

Thank you for being my total protector, my comforter, and for the cross where I send all of the manipulations of my body, mind, soul, and spirit. Where I come clean and am made whole.

I saw a sheath, like a membrane. I heard the word “pin cushion.” The most noticeable thing about the sheath was that it covered my entire backside. Also, the color. It was the most sickening gray. It was devoid of any life. It was a dull gray like decomposing flesh, and it had swirls of dark green in it.

I saw little holes where needles were inserted. The needles were like thorns. There were dozens of points on the sheath where the thorns were inserted. The thorns themselves were “metal” (although I saw the word “mettle”). I think that this is what this thing is called, this device. It is called a “mettle.” Anyhow, they are like nails, the needle/thorn things. There is a tiny head. The head is important somehow. The head is a transmitter.

There were dozens of them all alone my backside and the shape that each insertion point made was like a clove, a hole with tiny little gatherings all around. So, you can’t simply “take them out” physically, or rather “mechanically,” as in with psychic surgery. You wouldn’t even seem them, as a matter of fact. They are quantum and hidden, these “mettles.”

Thank you, Jesus, thank you the One True God most high, our protector and savior, our source of Light and Love, He who is Light and Love, thank you Holy Spirit. I receive you as my comforter and my shield.

I saw then what the Lord was doing to remove them. I saw that He was taking the entire sheath off, as if peeling away a membrane. In fact, as he was doing this and I was watching, I realized that it was indeed a membrane.

And split seconds before a part of the membrane was removed, the thorns (i.e., the “mettles”) were removed as well. Like I said, there were dozens of them, maybe even thousands of them, and they were connected to meridian points (Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM) and they were connected to the fascia system in the body. Placing them along these lines “helps” them to embed into the neuro-network. So, this was nanotechnology as well.

Peeling, peeling, peeling, lots and lots of them in the back of the skull area, the shoulders, along the spine, the lower back and across….in fact making the upside down cross on my back with the mettles was important to whoever/whatever put the membrane in place. All the way down to my feet, lots of them along the bottom of my feet, along the circumference of each foot, making my steps tentative, assuring that I live in fear, clumsiness, not sure of foot.

Yeshua. I saw his golden light doing this, peeled back the membrane starting at the feet while at the same time, in rapid fire, removing each mettle with lightning-fast speed. His hands were golden, barely visible. He worked faster than fast and with exact precision. There were so many of them. And he removed them all.

Then he replaced them.

Thank you, Yeshua, thank you Holy Spirit, thank you Abba.

I saw the golden network superimposing in its place. The blood of Jesus, the highest of the high, the highest healing frequency, but something beyond. Something that allows us to fly in the spirit and here on earth, to breathe from every cell. There is the breath of God in every cell when we walk with Yeshua.

I saw (and still see) the layers of this restored network as one of golden light laid like the gentlest feather with such Love and Devotion onto my backside in replacement for the mettle mesh. And every cell in the back of my skull, in my shoulders, down my back, my legs. I saw the pain in my knees as the mettles were removed and the oil saturating as the network of Golden Light was placed.

What is super important is that this golden network that he was laying down as replacement is not something foreign or alien or even unfamiliar. It is not in fact even a replacement for the “other thing.” It was/is/has always been there since the cross and time immemorial. Always there. This is simply a restoration of WHAT WAS ALWAYS THERE TO BEGIN WITH.

So, with a symbolic gesture, Yeshua was showing me what was already there. What was required was my conscious awareness of the act of allowing to activate it again with the removal of the mettles and the membrane.

Thank you, Yeshua, Holy Spirit, Abba, Holy spirit I receive you as my comforter and my shield.

Next there was the front side. And again, I saw the dank gross disgusting grey membrane over my entire face. What I remember most about it is that it was covering my mouth. There was an insidious purpose of “freezing time” in the mouth.

In other words, there was an experience that occurred. And there was a facial expression where the mouth (my mouth) was open as if aghast, and in shock and horror at what I was occurring. In that moment of horror, with my mouth open (maybe attempting to scream but I could not?),  the membrane with all those tiny mettle points like thorns, was put firmly into place.

At that exact moment, the membrane was placed along the facial area. The mettles were placed around the skull and the membrane was sealed around the corners of the lips and around the eye sockets and around the area where the third eye breathes and expresses into physical form.

And I also saw that the membrane, sickeningly gray in color with swirls of the most hideous green, was covering my throat in the same way, along the indent in the thyroid, and along the lungs. Constricting. The whole membrane and the mettles in place were meant to constrict.

Also, down into the abdomen where I saw that the membrane was connected to parasitic life forms specifically in the upper GI around where the immune system cells are located. The parasites were big and fat and they laid in a cluster in the upper abdomen.

In the front part of the membrane, I saw two clusters of microorganisms connected to the membrane itself. In other words, these microorganisms cannot survive without the protection of the membrane. The membrane superimposed upon me was an artificial AI membrane. Somehow, I knew then (and know now) that it was also meant as a cheap imitation of the true and holy Sword of the Spirit and Shield of Faith. 

The two areas where the parasites were gathered were in the upper abdomen and also in the reproductive area. The reproductive area microorganisms were smaller and looked almost like clouds or cotton candy, while the abdomen ones where clearly defined as wormlike creatures. As Yeshua peeled the membrane away from those two areas of my body, the microorganisms came with it! It was remarkable and also fascinating (now that I have had a little bit of time away from the actual experience, that is).

Holy spirit I receive you as my comforter and my shield. Thank you thank you thank you!

It was as if the membrane had built-in pockets in those two areas for the residing and propagating of the microorganisms and so, with the same swiftness as with the back, as he removed “mettles” and the membrane, the two pockets of microorganisms simply peeled back as well and were removed with it, just like that!

And I witnessed in replacement again in the front part, the true shield of Light, the Shield of Faith. Again, it has always been there, so it is a matter of our perception “activating” it I guess (but these are not quite the words) …

Anyhow, it was already there but  Yeshua showed me that He was laying it over again, replacing the mettles with it, activating it and making it right, in all His wonderful glory…and also that all possibility of all communication of all light and love is available to us. We just have no idea!

And I saw my Spirit take a breath and lift her head up high and smile and be filled with so much light and love and real breath perhaps for the first time in a very long time here on earth. I perceived my Spirit as embodying “Arise and Shine” in all her hugeness and glory.

Full of glory and His love, His perfect creation, so adored by the Lord of Hosts. I saw again this color that is indescribable. It had elements of gray too, but also iridescent flecks of the most beautiful blues and greens and each fleck was unique, and each shimmering color was its own species of beauty!

And I was complete and whole and renewed and went quickly for my computer so I could type all this out before I forgot it, although I think that this experience and all that it has revealed about His glory will never be forgotten by WHO I REALLY AM.

Thank you, Yeshua, thank you Abba, thank you Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit, I receive you as my comforter and my shield.

© Nikki Lyn Pugh, Jan 24, 2022

(Edited & revised on June 15, 2023)















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