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flower field

Flowers in Bloom

June 12, 2022

Flowers in Bloom


Crystal clear waters

I fold in to you and step in to you

Not the icy covering of snow

With tender toes

I step into your feet

My legs move with your legs

My arms reach in celebration

With your arms

Your smile

Becomes my delight.


Look and See!

He says

Look and see!

How the flowers dance for you

How they praise

How they sing

How they rejoice

By your attention

They perform for you

My dear


They sway and give off scent

They bloom bright

Their colors shine

For your connection

They blossom and go healthy

Big and strong and glorious

 And gain strength

From your love.


He directs my eyes to the sight

That strained me before

Because it was too good

Too magnificent

Too holy

Too majestic

For even my spiritual eyes to see


The mountains

The crystal clear lake

The vistas that move out into a place


And a moon


And a ship, two, three

Comings and goings

Activity and commerce

And transactions

And peace

From where we stand

Next to the Tree of Life.


And then we fly

So easy

In you

We do not go in

We fly above, you see

We fly near the precipice

We hover

Duck and turn

And it is glorious and fun

And exhilarating

And what I was meant to do


Within you

In you

Always in you.


And we land

And we see

And we embrace

And we are one.



My lover

How can I possibly know the extent

Of your Goodness?

The breadth of your love?

The tenderness of your touch?

The full breadth and depth and warmth

Of your embrace?


I cannot

Yet I will!

I can!

I must!

And then what?



I fold



The place

Yes the place the place

I long to be.


(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2022



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