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garden tea party

Holy Spirit

May 9, 2022

Holy Spirit show me the way

Into the garden

Down the pathway

Past the fragrant flowers

To the patio

Amidst all that color

Where my family awaits

Smiling peaceful and calm

Sitting in the shade

At a table gilded in gold

On a day that is perfect beyond measure


Where are we Holy Spirit?

In the garden of the heart

In the garden of true memories

Happening now

In the garden of the spirit


Awaits my family


And Great grandma

And someday others

In the lineage of light


The cleansing

Is every time you step up in joy

Every time you shine the light

Every time you enter into peace

Every time you say yes to healing

Every time you let his colors

And His brightness

And His shining-ness

You become the shining ones!

You resonate and you cleanse

And they rejoice in joy!


In fact, they lift their teacups

Filled with the sweetest herbs

Warm to the touch

A nectar for God

They lift their

Delicate China


And it reflects

In the sunlight of heaven.


And we sip

All of us

And set down with tinkling wonder

And are set free!

And fly! 


And feel

The smoothness of the liquid

Pass through us

And wrap all around us

And warm us up

Through and through.



(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2022



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A Rose

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1 Comment

  1. Debby

    This is lovely Nikki!
    I feel the invitation today to picnic with my Family in the garden of my heart! Thank you!


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