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pine tree rainy day poetry

In the Silence

December 7, 2022

In the silence

I see

The glory

And the hope

Of the morning.


In the silence

I see

Arms and legs reaching

For the sun

Branches of trees

In shadows


In the silence

I feel

Holy Spirit

Like an old friend

Warm and cozy

Bearing exciting news

About this day

May unfold.


The sun fades

As I sip

Slush, swoosh, slurp

Coffee in my cup

Reflections in the mud

Rain on its way

Birds getting ready

Rabbits running

Squirrels climbing inside tree trunks

All hiding now

Clouds cover all.


Then giant raindrops fall

On the tin roof

Drowning out the silence outside

Filling in the silence within.


God’s thunder

Then the sun returns

A newborn deer

Steps gingerly into the open

Eats tender grass

Wet with dew

Wide eyed, cautious


Shadows return

New growth is thwarted


The son brings

Light amidst

The darkness of day.


(c) 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Photo by: jdcama 





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