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Night Lights

February 15, 2021

A barking dog
Purple light against purple sky

This night reminds me of
The smell of chicken and tortillas
And boiling meatpies
In dim yellow light

You see, this is why
I keep my mind so busy
Because when it is as still
As a mountain lake
And as crispt as a spring breeze
The fireflies light up
My memories

Sad memories
Of those who are gone from view.

When my fingers were chubby
And brand new
We would look out the eating room window
At the lights
And the stars
And the airplanes on the runway

Yet even in the middle of the city
Amidst the bustle
There was a quiet
I could snuggle in to
There was a peace
I could call home.

(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh 2021


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