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Blue Room

June 28, 2021

From the atrium 
Sliding down
A waterslide into space
A worm hole
With the Lord
Into an outer pod
Like jewels around
An inner ring

Each color
A healing

Each color
An adventure

Each color
A place
On the body

A point
In the constellation.

Green is for healing the heart
For soaking in forgiveness
For pleading with Father
Please take away this pain
Help me to have Peace

Love goodwill

I can do nothing
Without you.

Green room
Is preparation
For speaking

A place of intimacy
A place where Father
Places His hand
On my chest
On my forehead
A med bed
A healing room
A loving room.


Away away!
Into a super slide
Of possibility
Into the vocal chord
The shim sham
The back and forth
And sliding up and down
And laughing
With Father


Blue room
Is liquid light
Is a beluga whale
With ancient eyes.

Yesshua haMashiach
Says go go go!
Take a ride
Have fun!

I am scared
To leave Him.

He says
I never leave you
Sends a ribbon of
His Golden love
On the journey
With beluga
Of the ancient eyes

And we swim
And I ride
On his back
Smooth and soft
With sea horses
Dancing all around us.

What freedom
To glide
Through ancient waters
Liquid blue,
Soaking into bones
And marrow.

You are my friend
Have always been there
Inside my voice

Now I reverberate
Your ancient sound
Your protective presence
Your soft sturdy form
Your wisdom
Your Light
And your stories

Of where you come from
Far and close
And near
To the next distant

Let my voice be true

And Rumble

With God's sound

Like these waters
Throughout the earth.

(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2021

Photo credit: Azur Meditations


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