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Golden Light

April 13, 2022

Beautiful son

In the middle of the heavens

Shine down on this world

Resonate from within

Radiate all around us

Bask us in son-beams

Speak to us

Of your light.


Sometimes weeks go past

And I go cold

My emotions sour

And activity is just a grey wash

Of noise

And I walk along sidewalks

Littered with jewels

That I do not see


Do I remember

Your miraculous light

That peaks out of the dimness

That taps me gently on the shoulder

That Invites to come out

And pray!


You remind me

You show me the Way

Beautiful son

Like a searchlight from above

And within


You make gorgeous fireflies

Out of these bugs I see as pests

You call out to me

And never give up on me

And say this way, this way






This is your home.


(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2022



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