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girl with butterflies

Gurley St Poem / Giants Amongst Us

April 5, 2022

A little bit about this poem…

The original vision for the poem (and subsequent video poem) came during a group worship/ascension time in Prescott, AZ. I highly recommend stopping by and joining in with the wonderful people there at The House of Mercy if you are ever in the area!

The image of a giant girl joyously twirling in the sunshine catching butterflies was still in my mind as I left the worship and headed down to the center of town, called “Whiskey Row” by the locals.

I wasn’t planning on “tying one on” but did want to stretch my legs around the square a bit and see some sights on this beautiful sunny Sunday before the two-hour drive back home. I am not too familiar with Prescott, so as I drove and spoke the poem into the audio recorder of my phone (which I often do), I was surprised to hear the GPS voice announce that I was driving down “Girley St.” (spelled Gurley I later found out).

I burst out laughing! God sure does have a sense of humor! I knew instantly what the name of this poem would be!

I hope you enjoy it and also be sure to check out the video version below as well! 

— — — — — — —


There are giants among us,

but not the kind you think.

The giants are you and me.


I see a girl reaching high into the sky,

Trying to touch butterflies with her fingertips.

She is dressed in imaginary colors of teal and black.

She wears the cosmos as a vest,

And twirls with a skirt made of sunbeams.


She is joyous beyond compare,

Joyous beyond measure,

Skipping and laughing and dancing on her tippy toes,

Bare feet in the grass in springtime,

In summertime,

With the light shining all around her.


I see her eyes sparkling and twinkling.

I see her smile as radiant as a newly opened rose.

I see her nose and her neck

And her chubby fingers.


She is wise beyond compare

And innocent beyond measure too

Like a newborn baby

And a giant.


She has no idea what effect she has

As she skips and dances

What effect she has for those below

And all around.


But her papa knows

And keeps her ever protected

In his



Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2022




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