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Daughter of Zion poem


December 11, 2022

Beautiful child of God

You think you are 


Beaten down


Past your prime 

No good 

Worn out 

Washed up 

A body to be put on the shelf





Let me tell you how I see you! 

You are my 

Beautiful child 

Who was birthed out of 

The loins of 

Not just flesh and bones and blood 


The highest frequency of love

Out of my two hands

You crowned


Beautiful daugher of Zion

We raised you up as family

Have always been

Standing patiently

Sending you love


Heavenly angels

To blow you kisses

To make you smile and laugh

And be at peace

Even when the world

Around you


When inside

There was a volcano erupting.


We were there

And delighted

Each time you twirled

Danced, Praised

Enjoyed life


Oh how we prayed for you

Yes we pray too!

Standing together as Trinity

We sent love bombs

And crescendos of glorious rain

To wash your sorrow


Beautiful sword of the Spirit


That you have softened

Now that the body

Has lost its sharpness

Now that your heart

Your beautiful, wounded

Beating heart

Can recieve just a little more

Of our touch


You open like a winter flower

With appreciation


Heart opening

Love flowing


Now you become

At last

The Sword of the spirit

Sharp again

And to the point

You use your abiding love

Joy bursting forth

From every fiber

Every cell

And every thought pattern


With every rhythmical step

You become

The blade

To slice through

Any iron cage

That imprisons you

With words, images, inuendos

Which may suggest that

You are anything but



(c) 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: Jill Wellington







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