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Passionate Women

January 10, 2023

Passionate Women


Here we are Lord

We are

Passionate women

Women with fire in their hair

Women with staffs for endurance

Women who run leap bound

Wild women

Some would say


Who let our hair down

To run free

Who choose to feel

The ground

Beneath our feet

The rocks stones earth

Where they stomp

The wind rushing

Passed our ears

Tangling in

Our hair


Here we are Lord

Passionate women

And yes

We express our Love

In so many ways

With lovers

With art music dance

With poetry

With a mother’s fierceness

A single look

A cooing smile


But today

Today today today


We stand fully engaged


On fire

Not with a passion for



This world

But before you


As you have made us to be

Wild free

In love with you

With every fiber of our being



On this day

We put out bows and arrows down

We dismount our horses

We come before you

Our passion burning

Only for you

Lord God Yeshua Ruak Abba



Our passion

Burning into a single glorious flame

For the song that You sing

Within our own

Red hot

Blood soaked




© 2023, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: RedHeadsRule



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