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snow in heaven poem

Snows in Heaven

January 6, 2023

Walking the

Forests of

Fluff and

Taffy and

Effervescence and



Where whiteness

Is highlighted

With roselight and blue

And cinnamon


Where each footstep

Is a declaration.


Where hearing expands

To supersonic.


I hear

The hooves of

Wild beasts

And strange glorious



And see in layers

In micros and macros


A single flake


And is given honor.


One flake



And galaxies

A cosmos

A flooding sky

A thought

A feeling

An experience.


Happily it melts

On the palm of

My hand

But does not


Nor cry



It is eternal

Appearing again

On a lash

Or a wing

Or a shoe

Or a cheek.


I walk

Through highlands

Of swaying snow


By blankets


And I percieve

Such a welcome

From the compactment

Of Living Water.


(c) 2023, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: jarmoluk













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