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Sherwin Forest Robin Hood Father God Abba


September 23, 2023

In this moment, Robin’s heart is filled. She does not know anything now but Abba. She is forever on his shoulders, looking at the horizon line, the mass of tents and flags. For this day, she has come.

All the other days and nights do not matter. All the scary nights, the creepy nights. The nights sharpening the bow, adding strings each one from another murder. They made her commit and she drew deeper and deeper into her role. A twisting of roles. She was confused, got caught up in it, thought she was doing the right thing. Protecting the one that needed her most. Piercing the heart to draw the blood to give the life to the one she was charged with saving. Again and again. Each time, a new life, a new breath. Each time, a death.

But now, she has traded her bow and arrow (bow and error), soaked in blood, bend on sinew and marrow, for light of the one true God. Yahweh. Yeshua. Ruak. Abba. Yahweh. A rainbow kind of love. Love she has never known. A pouring out. A filling in. A rocket launch kind of love. An expectancy. A hoping. A rendering. A redeeming. An announcing.

The day of the Lord has come! The dust of a thousand hooves fills the stadium. The roar of trumpets. The announcement of the angel armies of heaven.

(c) 2023, Nikki Lyn Pugh 


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