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spirit of wisdom poetry

Spirit of Wisdom Speaks

December 2, 2022

“Blessings pour over the ones who find wisdom, for they have obtained living-understanding. As wisdom increases, a great treasure is imparted, greater than many bars of refined gold. It is a more valuable commodity than gold and gemstones, for there is nothing you desire that could compare to her.” Proverbs 3:14-15


Spirit of Wisdom


Don’t just speak it

Walk in it

Fall in to it

Walk in rest

Walk in glory.


Spirit of Wisdom

I am listening

To what you have to say

What you want to show me



Truth is

I have kept you at bay


Spirit of Wisdom

You carry riches

You dress in gold

You walk with jewels

As well as in peace


Truth is

I have turned my head

Away in shame

Not worthy

Not for me.


Spirit of Wisdom

I do not wish to hang my head



Spirit of Wisdom

Touches my chin

With a gilted finger

Lifts my head up

Ever so gently


She says

Hold your head up at all times

Walk like you own everything

(because you do in Christ/in God)

Even when you do not

Feel like it

Do it anyway


Have courage

Be strong.



© 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by AdinaVoicu


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