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crowd poem


December 3, 2022

When the breath slows and silence
Falls around a human body
Like soft snow of winter

All that really matters
In that moment of transition
Is that we are truly loved

Guess what?
News flash
There is not one loving thing
On the surface of this planet
Or any other
Or on any star
Or wayward vessel
Or space in time
Embargo ship
Transport device
Interstellar waystation
Plasma field

Or simple blade
Of green green grass
By the side of the road
Or tiny ladybug

Or person

Under a bridge
Cold and hungry
Strung out
Crazy and needy
About to commit
A crime in some way

Or wrinkled and alone
Everyone else has gone before her

Or old
Feeding seagulls
Listening to talk radio
Covered from head to ankles
And bare toes in the sand

Or young, a couple
Entangled in each other
And their plans
Covering over fears
Of growing old
And alone

Looking into the bathroom mirror
Not at all liking what she sees

Or on top of the world
Heart in a steel cage
Amped on steroid drugs
Spirit hidden, soul enslaved

Did you know
That there is not a one of them
Who is not loved to their very core
By family
Father Son Holy Spirit
There isn’t one of them
That doesn’t have a chorus
Hooping and hollering
And rooting
For each moment of rest
And forgiveness
And compassion for themselves

Even in the last breath
If it is a good breath

Or a shallow one
In and out

God breathes with you
Open your eyes and see!
Your father your mother your sibling
Your friend

Holding your hand, ushering you through
Telling you
In whispered confidence
That doesn’t not need to shout
That comes from knowing you
Through and through

You are so worried about
Everything is going to be
So very more
Than just okay.

You are stepping into a world of wonder
Into reality
Into the truth
Of Your Life
Your breath.

(c) 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by B_Me


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