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sea pink angels poem

Time and Tides

December 23, 2022

Time and Tides


The purple glass

The pink skies

Yeshua shows

The real purpose of the sea

Of bodies of water

Within and without.


The purple wave

Rises up

And tickles my nose

Laps at my feet

I laugh

It is just getting to know you

He says

You see

Faith really is a substance

We can walk on

We can step in to.


Beach-bound tide

Changing time

Is a friend

We can converse with

Immortal time.


Angels of silver

Angels of gold

Hover above

They are massive

They alchemize

God’s creation

They are in sync

With the water

With warmth and cool

There is no night

Just colors









The waves

Lap and sway

And move to God’s

Perfect timing.


© 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: Joshua Woroniecki





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