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ocean sea poem Yeshua

Into the Sea

December 22, 2022

Into the Sea

I stand at the edge of the “world”
And enter into
A world of
My memories

And they are watery
They are slippery
I recall
Splashing in the water
Tasting the salt on my lips

Laying face up on the sand
Letting the sun bake me
The soft land caress me
Sand flies tickle me

And yet
And yet
Was there another?
That lived
That watched
That noted my play?

Another me

Into the deep, deep caverns
Of cold water
There is a place where
Ancient rhythms ring
And beckon
And have until now
Inserted themselves
Into poems
And prose
And characters
And dreams
And relationships
And adventures

And they have
Quite literally
Saved my life at times

So now it would seem
That naturally
I would owe them

But I tell you
This very simple truth
That when I stand

At that very same seashore
Now I see only territory

I stand as
A maturing daughter

Of the one true God
Loving father mother son

A truth hits me
Like a sand blast
A ruckus wave
A rogue gust

This truth

Kicks me out

Of my street shoes

So I stand barefoot

On the sand

Ready to be revealed

In another way.

I step
Into an awareness
That I am currently

Going from
Playing and splashing
To redeeming
And loving

From forgetting

To remembering

To Responsibility

To recollection

Of what
I cannot yet say
Only that here I am on the edge
And am in awe
Of the kingdom
Yeshua Hamachia Adonai

I am in awe of the vastness

The expanse of territory
That ebbs flows careens

Spills over

With water

With blood

For my honor

For my renewal

For my life

To live

This truth

The rainbow light of forgiveness
Truly is
At hand. 


(c) 2022, Nikki Lyn Pugh

Image by: Quangpraha





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