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Nebula 1

March 1, 2022

I am a tiny seed

Inside of the body of Yeshua

And we are flying in space

I see a pink nebula

And a patch of yellow

And I know there is a colony there

And I consider it completely incredible

And wonderful

That I feel so completely

Safe and secure inside of Him

And that I can fly

In Him

To nebulae

Rich with color and possibility.


I decide to ask Him directly,

“Yeshua,” I say

“In all my experiences out there in the cosmos,

Was there ever anyone good?

I mean, did I ever have friends

I could count on?”


To this he laughs

It is a hearty, belly-full laugh

Of warmth and kindness and

Tender, rich love.

“Of course!”

He says.


“But how can I tell?”

I ask.

I really want to know.


He says directly,

“You will recognize ME within them

In their eyes

And in their very Being

You will recognize the Light

Of God.”


Within every species

There is always some that carry the Light.

Some are created in the image

But MANY carry the Light.

It is a torch

In the vast illuminations of space

And it is never extinguished

It is simply carried

From person to person

From hope to hope

From generation to generation

From civilization to civilization

The Light is never extinguished

The Light is the Light of God


The Light is what binds us

The light is what shines

The light is what glues us

Together in Love

All from the One God

The Creator

All are Family within the Light

From the Light

To the Light

The Light of God






     A manifestation here on earth


     The vehicle of Love

     To take us home.


And I find it absolutely incredible

As we come in for a landing

That I can decide

To create with Him


And planets

And reconciliation

And infinite

Illuminated possibilities

Of places

Where the Light

Can shine through.  



(C) Nikki Lyn Pugh, 2022




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